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Ray Carolan - RIBBF Competitor

Published on 5th May 2017 at 10:32 by Ray Carolan

What can I say?! I had a great experience prepping  for the RIBBF  Sping Classic.

I had no expectations of placing so to do so was an added bonus. I just wanted to be able to stand on stage knowing that I had given my all and that none of the competitors around me had given more. That I achieved.

On the day a few things didn't go to plan, but in hindsight, these things have given me an opportunity to learn and to grow and come back stronger. I am currently back in prep mode for the Mr Cork championships on next weekend, so hoping to learn more from that experience.

I would like to thank all the staff in Club Active Mullingar for their kindness and encouragement throughout the prep. Prep training mainly consisted of me living in this gym, with am and pm cardio sessions and pm strength training, the guys must have being fed up looking at me. The equipment here for both cardio and strength training is top of the range and because of the large open spaces, even at peak times, you can work out in comfort. Staff always on hand to offer advice and support to aid you in your goals.

To anybody that is either looking to change their lifestyle by just getting in better shape or to people that might aspire to competing. It is quite simple. Find yourself a routine, be patient, be consistent. Don't be too hard on yourself and give it time and you will see the results. Regarding diet, keep it clean for 5 or 6 days of the week the best you can and work towards that cheat day each week. Cheat day is heaven, work towards those rewards. Take it week by week and try to commit to a minimum of 6 weeks, you will be happy you done so.

Thanks again guys, see you all later!


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